michael kors bag Project Ace used informants to

Project Ace used informants to bust gang leaders

Ottawa police operation Project Ace was code named after its target: gangster Adnan Fazeli, then one of the biggest coke dealers in Vanier, according to informants who helped take him down.

It also put the heat on one of the top five gangsters wanted in the cit michael kors bag y, whom police had on their radar.

Now recently released court documents which include information from police databases, secret home entries, and eight informants paint a picture of the seedy gang underworld where it all unfolded.

Cops working on the streets know how to network. But they not networking with people who are stars with the Chamber of Commerce. These networks are made with the type of people you don invite over to dinner low level drug dealers, prostitutes, the scum who think a gang life is glamorous.

These relationships work. Documents obtained by the Sun show that the investigators in Project Ace trusted their sources.

None of them had ever given any information to police that had been proven untrue.

Their time working with police ranged from four months to four years.

Several had already giv michael kors bag en information on known drug dealers and gun traffickers, which helped cops seize coke, crack, pot, guns and led to other criminal charges.

Even the one who been working with police for only four months at the time of Project Ace had given tips about drug traffickers, with motive to fabricate information, police said.

And it with these sources that police did nab Ace, their target, as well as several others, which led to dozens of charges.

The man known as Ace was described by informants as the leader of the Bloods and main coke supplier in Vanier dealing it at a kilogram level.

He was the one who made sure Tarzan, and others, always had guns and drugs.

Tarzan, who lived at home with his mother, was o michael kors bag ne of Ace right hand men, and one of the main cocaine distributors for Ace.

Informants had told officers that Tarzan had taken over the Vanier crack cocaine business after another guy was arrested. He and others were part of the Bloods street gang.

They competed with the Crips, where there is lots of violence between the two gangs, according to those on the streets.

More than $100,000 worth of drugs were discovered in one home over one week in February last year. The drugs that surfaced in Project Ace included crack cocaine, Oxy, Fentanyl and Crystal Meth.

Police also searched at least six homes and three cars two houses owned by one man, two cars of another although none of them had jobs.

Simply waiting and watching seemed to play a big role in Ace. B etween Nov. 2011 and Feb. 2012, there 73 surveillance stops of suspects.

Cops watched numerous people going to Ace home, then leaving with what looked like packages tucked under their arms.

His landlord already thought the place was suspicious. It was Ace second home.

The first six months rent were paid in cash, and the home windows were covered in ga michael kors bag rbage bags. It was seldom lived in.

Surveillance also caught Ace driving to North Bay and sticking around for several days, as part of his plan, an informant told police, to set up a drug network there.

Cops watched him carry packages to and from his car and apartments, also witnessing handoffs between other men.

Quick was spotted with a black bag, and later at Ace apartment in mid February 2012. Police then saw Ace carry a similar bag into his Orl apartment. Several hours later, cops found a black bag stuffed with $45, 000 in cash in that apartment.

It was that surveillance, of Ace and Tarzan, and covert peeks at that Orl apartment on several occasions, that strongly helped officers get the warrants they wanted.

It was those several warrants that led police to seize drugs, guns and money as they swept six homes in Ottawa and two in Gatineau during early morning raids over the last weekend of February 2012.