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Programs Struggle To Help Sex Offenders

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I was a victim of child sexual abuse when I was 4 6 years old by my fathers brother. I was failed by everyone around me.

I dont know who is worse, m michael kors bag y mother or my uncle. I struggle with forgiveness.

I’m telling you these personal tradgedies that happend to me only because I want to make a point to every parent out there.

Most of the preditor activities are done by someone you may know and trust.

These men were good standing church members! Who would suspect they had such an ugly secrets to hide?

I was hyper vigilant and sensitive towards anyone w michael kors bag ho would harm any of my children.

Anyone caught touching any of them would be delt with in a vicous way.

Little did I know the reason for our sons personality “change”.

We thought perhaps our adopting 2 very needy girls from a Mexican Orphanage, my husbands bout with deadly mouth cancer, our move to another state, his becoming a teenager was the reason he began failing in school and began having depression.

He stopped playing one day.

When he was 22 years old he revealed the ugly story.

Here was my beautiful son threatening to end his life because he just couldn’t face another day without telling someone what had taken place when he was 12 years old.

Back in 1983, We had visited my folks in Napa California to introduce our 2 girls to them.

My 11 year old brother and my son had a very tight bond. My brother had lived with us off and on during our folks very disfunctional “marriage”.

All the boys loved this very respected man.

He gave a lot of his money away. He helped pay for many boys Christian education.

Leo took them to dinners, airplane rides, took them camping, helped councel with the parents when boys became troubled. Everyone loved him!

How could what my son was telling me be true. Why did he wait all these years to tell us this?

When my son recovered enough to function, I began by calling the Napa County Sheriffs department. The next day we drove the 600 miles there to start the process for investigation. It was heart wrenching to hear from another room via closed circut TV what this monster did to my son that night.