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program students get in step with conservation

CHAMPAIGN Laine Hopkins no longer leaves the water running while she brushes her teeth, or the shower running an extra minute or two after she’s done, to keep the bathroom warm.

Samantha Carlson fills the sink with rinse water when she’s doing dishes, rather than just leaving the faucet running the whole time. program an alternative education program run by the Regional Office of Education who have developed a recycling and energy savings plan for the school. Those efforts have carried over to home, too.

They’ll submit their plan today to the Lexus Eco Challenge competition, a project for middle and high school students to design and implement environmental programs.

The students have come up with a number of ways to save paper at the school. Hall passes are now laminated and reused, replacing the paper passes that were written up and then thrown away as soon as a student returned to class.

Students carry “success cards” to record their behavior. Those are now smaller.

“Then we made posters, which used up paper,” student Mick Hodge said.

But he acknowledged that the school would be saving paper in the long run.

Some teachers are adjusting the margins on handouts they give students, to use less paper. They use ha michael kors bag lf sheets when possible and make copies using both sides of a sheet of paper, said Shannon Olison, the English teacher wh michael kors bag ose class is participating in the eco challenge. Teachers are also communicating more through e mail and less through notes in their mailboxes, Olison said.

The students posted signs by light switches in all the classrooms, reminding teachers and students to turn off lights and computers when possible.

“We used to just have the lights on all the time,” Carlson said.

She turns off lights and fans at home when she’s leaving. She and Hopkins used to leave their TVs on all night while they were sleeping, but not anymore.

Olison said she has seen a change in the classroom, too. She sometimes sees students pause as they start to throw something away and instead ask if it can be recycled.

Their efforts even extend to pencils. The students put a pencil drop off box at the front desk of the school so lost pencil michael kors bag s will be reused.

“We provide kids with pencils in the class michael kors bag room, and we go through them so fast. The pencils kind of walk off every day,” Olison said.

The activities won’t end with the competition. The students are organizing a bake sale for Nov. 18 at B. Lime, a new store in downtown Champaign carrying environmentally friendly products. Instead of paying for the baked goods, people can exchange recyclable items, such as empty water bottles, for cookies or pastries.