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michael kors Potential for El Nino to retur

Potential for El Nino to return However, other climate indicators such as the SOI remain in a more neutral pattern.For example the 30 day average of the SOI as of September 17 was plus 3.3 (up from minus 11 mid August).Cloudiness in the central Pacific and strength of the south east trade winds are also […]

michael kors Potential biohazard unearthed

Potential biohazard unearthed in Lahore LAHORE: Risking a serious biohazard, the clinical waste of private as well as government hospitals is being sold openly to be recycled into household items here in Lahore, Geo News reported. Geo News correspondents were shocked to find heaps of clinical waste like blood bags, dextrose empties, disposable syringes, used […]